# Intracranial bleed detector


CEREBO®’s novel application of near infrared spectroscopy makes it possible to detect intracranial hemorrhage non invasively. It is an established science that correlates optical density of near infrared light with hemoglobin concentration.

The advanced mathematics based algorithm eliminates the need of expert data interpretation. Hence the algorithm makes it usable by a common man with minimal usage training.

The self calibration and intuitive user interface makes the device very easy to use.

# Family Wellness Device



eMedica is an electronic medical device that modulates the electromagnetic frequency of a human body to its optimal frequency.

It generates a specific frequency, voltages, and current combinations of the same to cure the targeted disease within a human body.

#Air purifier


SPACE SANITIZER recreates the conditions of negative-ion production that exist in the purest areas of the earth. These negative ions act as natural cleansers and, by purifying the air, are beneficial to our health.

The Space Sanitizer is the leading personal air cleaner in the market using cutting-edge technology which ionize the air molecule in a way that attaches harmful particles like dust, smoke, germs, bacteria and viruses.

# Cattle and Poultry feed additive


Herbaloe-A is a 100% natural food supplement for cattle and Poultry. It is harvested from fresh aloe vera through cold pressed technique to retain its nutritional value. 

Packed with more than 200 plus active ingredients like vitamin, minerals, Amino acids and enzymes led to a proper growth of the livestock and also strnthen the immunity to fight from deadly diseases.

The enhanced immunity increases the productivity and productionin the livestock.

# Natural molecular seives


Natural zeolites have the exceptional quality of ion exchange, incorporating cations such as cadmium, mercury, nickel or arsenic (heavy metals) and releasing calcium, magnesium or phosphates (minerals that are healthy for the human body). This fact makes the natural zeolite used for various natural applications related to agriculture, animal nutrition, water purification, gas filtration or human health.

natural zeolite has properties that facilitate its use in many applications such as Agriculture, Waste water treatment, fish farms, Filtration of drinking water,  Filtration of gases in industry, Animal nutrition, Human Health and Construction.